Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Disney pics

more Disneyland pics

September- Trip to Disneyland

The last week in September, we went to Disneyland again! Some may think we were crazy taking 11.5 month old twins with us. We also brought my Mom along with us to help. We had so much fun. We spent 5 days at Disney so we got to see it all. It was surprisingly busy though.

September- Twins 11 Months

Shae got his first haircut

Twins keep getting cuter. Sydney started crawling now.


School started. Peyton started second grade, Kai started first grade and ruby started Preschool. The kids and me have been waiting for school to start. Kai has adjusted just fine to all day school.


I have some catching up to do. It seems so long ago. Our last summer outdoor activity was a very small hike to Snoqulamie Falls. It was the first time for the kids, they thought it was pretty cool.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

computer problems

My computer crashed and so I have not been able to post. Hopfully I will be able to figure something out. I have tons of updated pictures to put up.